Poems/Poèmes | Rus Khomutoff

Pro/p(r)ose Magazine vous invite à découvrir quatre poèmes composés par Rus Khomutoff, poète américain vivant dans l’État de New York. Ses poèmes sont notamment apparus au sein de publications telles que Poethead, Rasputin, Occulum, Egophobia et Hypnopomp. Son premier recueil, Immaculate Days, publié par Alien Buddha Press vient tout juste de sortir et est disponible ici. Nous avons choisi de vous les faire découvrir en langue originale, ceci pour vous permettre de mieux sentir l’énergie et l’émotion qui s’en dégage. Le mois prochain, quatre autres poèmes se dévoileront également.

The following poems were all written by Rus Khomutoff, a New York State-based experimental, neo-surrealist language poet. His work has appeared in various literary magazines, including PoetheadRasputinOcculum, Egophobia and Hypnopomp. His debut poetry collection – (called) Immaculate Days – has just been published by Alien Buddha Press and is now available here. Since we believe that not only words, but also subtle meanings can get lost in translation, we decided against translating the poems. That way, you will be able to grasp all the nuances and will come to appreciate the poems even more deeply. Next month, Pro/p(r)ose Magazine will release four more poems written by Rus Khomutoff.

Prisoner of infinity

-To Felino A. Soriano


Oh Prisoner of infinity

countercurrent between transgression and transaction

insinuation of eternity’s unrepeatable coalescence

poise deposited in an effervescent aye

on this iron chain of birth and annihilation

you espouse your catastrophe of charm

surefire voices that furnish the kiss of death

an unwearying impulse

to decrypt and decipher longing

like an idea infested with platitudes

realm navigator on the edge of consciousness



Sonic threshold of the sacred

-To William Carlos Williams


What waxes wanes

the enforced reincarnation hour

and green quartz veins

over the mind of pride


Nowhere you!

Everywhere the electric!

the golden one

living in a poetic world, devouring words

these are the thoughts that run rampant

love paves the way to our existence


Paradise & Method

-To Lovebug Starski


An exasperated sigh of grammar and spice

rendered in haphazard lew

vintage wise vanity

lactose intolerant daunt

a dilatation of the dead body of reality

where spirit is no longer

anything but adventitious memory

spellbound speculations

phraseology in completeness

beyond our understanding

the finiteness of type



 Death by distraction

– to Morten Christensen


Exist otherwise

slender the grace

relinquish this anyway helix

vexed by derelict marvels

the refuse of chance and history

reprogramming masque and spectacle

into infinite instance

enamel free fall

reset relay all these premises…

unknown the difference